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Levothyroxine dosage and indications

Synthroid 100mcg

Levothyroxine is the natural hormone analogue, used to treat certain dysfunction of glands. Hypothyroidism and goiter are the most common indications for the use of Levothyroxine. The drug is sold online at cheap price and without prescription, so many patients buy Levothyroxine online. However, consultation with a doctor is required to make the treatment safe and effective. Levothyroxine dosage can be adjusted personally only during the consultation and with possible observation. It’s not safe to overdose the drug, because it can lead to manifestation of adverse effects in severe form. Levothyroxine therapy is usually administered after radiation treatment, or surgery. It’s not a medication to treat obesity or related problems. Use of improper Levothyroxine dosage in such cases may harm your health seriously and even cause death. Make sure that you use Levothyroxine properly, especially if you buy the drug online. Usual Levothyroxine dosage for treatment of hypothyroidism is 12.5-50 mcg of the active substance once per day. For other indications, the dosage may vary.

Adverse effects and precautions

Synthroid 100mcg

Allergic reactions depend on Levothyroxine dosage and can be very dangerous if you overdose the medication. In case you experience hives, swelling of face, difficulties breathing — immediately contact a medical specialist. Contact your doctor if you get such symptoms as sleep problems, fever and sweating, indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, weight changes. Those are the most common adverse effects of Levothyroxine and can be prevented by accurate and careful attitude to Levothyroxine dosage and precautions. First of all, make sure that you don’t take any drugs that may interact with Levothyroxine; if needed, consult your doctor on your conditions. Anemia, hyperthyroidism, allergy, osteoporosis and a number of other medical conditions make the use of Levothyroxine impossible. Never exceed the administered Levothyroxine dosage, because it may be very dangerous. However, Levothyroxine is relatively safe for pregnant women and can be used without a risk to harm the fetus. To make the most of your therapy, regular medical observations are recommended.